Infinix Service Center Pick Me Up, Here’s How to Do It
Infinix Service Center Pick Me Up, Here’s How to Do It

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Users of this current technology must be familiar with infinix service centers. Infinix is one of the largest companies that has now penetrated the business in terms of smartphones. With the launch of this latest product, it means that infinix already has more than 10 products sold.

One of the infinix products that are currently being widely used is a smartphone. The company’s latest product is equipped with qualified specifications so it is very popular with gamers. No wonder if sales of the latest smartphone products have increased significantly.

Infinix provides service centers spread across various regions of Indonesia to ensure all users get maximum service. This is to ensure customers can get help quickly if they experience problems with the product used. That way you can do klaim for device damage easily.

The number of service center services infinix is not as many as other smartphone brands. However, to maximize its service, the company provides infinix service center pick me up. This service is given to product users who want to perform device service but far from the service center.

What is Infinix Pick Me Up Service

Pick me up service is a service from infinix Indonesia company specifically for product users who are far from the service center. Users of infinix products who are entitled to use this service are if the distance to the nearest service center is more than 30 km. With this service, you no longer need to come all the way to the service center but the officer who will come to the house.

To be able to use the pick me up service, users of infinix products only need to send an electronic message to the Later there will be couriers or staff from infinix companies who will take the products to be repaired. Furthermore, the device will be taken to the nearest service center checked and repaired according to the complaint submitted by the user.

Usually users will immediately get a reply email related to complaints submitted to the infinix service center. If you meet the terms and conditions of this pick me up service, the courier will come one day after. Make sure to wrap the device well to keep it safe during the journey from home to the nearest service center.

This infinix pick me up service is usually open every Monday – Friday from 09.00 am to 5 pm. For confirmation of complaints, users will usually wait for 1×24 hours. Users of infinix products are required to fill in some personal data such as name, address, mobile phone number, city of residence, zip code, pickup time, smartphone type, IMEI number, product color and damage and include product photos.

Requirements for Using Infinix Service Center Pick Me Up

Not all users of infinix products can use this premium service. However, there are terms and conditions that have been set by the company for users when they want to try the pick me up service. Some of these conditions include the following:

  1. Only infinix products that still choose the warranty can use pick me up service
  2. The bolt seal on the product is intact or has never been opened
  3. Touchscreen and LCD of infinix products are in good condition and do not break
  4. Still have a warranty card and there is proof of purchase of the product
  5. Photo the condition of the product and send it to the official infinix email
  6. Pack infinix products well when the courier comes to pick up the goods

The product still has a warranty is the main requirement if you want to use this infinix service center pick me up. The product warranty guarantee may be lost and void if the user makes an unforced error. One of them is like damage due to human error factors, the warranty will not be claimed.

In addition, devices that have been disassembled before will also not be able to get a warranty. Therefore, if you still have a warranty period, you should when there is damage, just take it to the official service center so that you can get the best service.

For users who have expired the warranty period, they can still use the infinix service center but the fee is not free anymore. The charge of this cost is usually for the cost of spare parts. Instead of making repairs in unofficial places that can actually make the device more damaged, it would be better if you go to the official service center only.

List of Official Infinix Service Centers in Indonesia

Infinix has official service centers spread across various regions in Indonesia. This is a container for users of infinix products if the infinix product is damaged. In the service center you can repair the device or just consult if the product has a problem. If it is still a warranty period, all services will be free.

Here is the list of official infinix service centers in Indonesia:

  1. M care Denpasar (Bali)

The infinix service center in Bali is located at Jalan Agung No. 140, Denpasar with phone number +62 361 9073866

  1. M care Bandung (Bandung)

Located at Jalan Taman Sari, Bandung precisely at Balubur Town Squre Lt. 1 K05 – K06 with phone number +62 22 84468781

  1. M care Batam (Batam)

Located at Wira Mustika C-08 complex, Nagoya, Batam, Indonesia with contact number +62 77 87430340

  1. M care Cirebon

Located at Jalan Pasuketon no. 63 Cirebon, Indonesia with telephone number +62 231 209322

  1. Vtech (Jambi)

Located at Jl. Gajah Mada No.11-12 Jambi, with contact number +62 741 43789

  1. M care Makassar

This Infinix service center is located at MTC Karebosi Lt.3 block 1 no. 3-5 on Jalan Jend. Ahmad Yani, Makassar with contact number +62 24 11 3635038

  1. M care Medan

Located on Jl. Setia Budi Kel. Tanjung Rejo, Kec. Medan Sunggal, Medan precisely in Komp. Setia Budi Business Blok BB Point no. 21 with contact number +62 61 8214692

  1. Telewindu (Palembang)

Located in Kelurahan 24 Ilir Bukit Kecil District Jalan Letkol Iskandar No. 36 Rt 10 / Rw 003 with contact number +62 711 372408

  1. Alfa Mobile- Semarang

It is on Jalan Jenderal Sudirman 256, Semarang with contact number +62 247610911

  1. M care Surabaya

Located in Maspion Square Jl. A Yani 78 Surabaya with contact number +62 31 8477889

  1. M care Yogyakarta

Located in Ramai Shopping Mall Lt.2 No. A26, Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 73, Yogyakarta with contact number +62 27 4557015

Infinix Service Center in Jakarta

In Jakarta itself there are several service centers of infinix products spread across several regions. Some of them are like the following

  1. Bhineka Mentari Dimensi (Jakarta)

It is on the road of Gunung Sahari Raya 73C No.16. Jakarta 10610. Indonesia with contact number +62 21 29292828

  1. Infinix house

Located at Roxy Mas Blok E1 Shophouse no.5A, Central Jakarta with contact number +62 21 6329084

  1. M care Cempaka Mas

It is at ITC Cempaka Mas Lt.6 no. H7-H8 Jl.Letjen Suprapto Central Jakarta with contact number +62 21 21480901

  1. M that Mall Ambassador

Located at Lt.2 Block B no. 7 Mall Ambasador with phone number +62 21 5762539

  1. M care Roxy Square

Located at Ruko Mall Roxy Square no. A1 Jl. Kyai Tapa No. 1 Jakarta with contact number +62 21 56954393

Although not as popular as other smartphone brands, infinix has a strong commitment to satisfy and provide the best service for all its customers. This is evidenced by the provision of infinix service centers and pick me up services to reach users who are far from service centers.

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