Prepare the Spice Completely in Front : RsudSuka
Prepare the Spice Completely in Front : RsudSuka

Prepare the Spice Completely in Front : RsudSuka

How to Make West Java Fennel Cake with Recipe

The  presence  of a typical West Java fennel cake recipe makes it now easier for lovers of the rapidly growing culinary world. Perhaps most of the people in the country are still not familiar with the presence of fennel cakes. Although this cake is included in the ranks of the most delicious snacks if consumed at any time.

The development of the culinary world will never be exhausted, evidenced by the fact that there are always the latest discoveries that allow experts to avoid boredom. For those who want to get the best recipe specific to West Java, of course pay attention to this whole discussion.   If this is your first time in the kitchen to cook, don’t worry.

Because the typical West Java fennel cake recipe can be applied directly by each apartment, regardless of skills in the kitchen.   All it takes to understand  how it is is determination and concentration.  When talking about culinary tourism, of course, there have been many traditional dishes in various regions, from Sabang to Merauke.

In fact, almost all regions have traditional cuisine, which is usually  found by the local community, which dates back to ancient times  .  Entering as a typical dish of the city of Pekalongan, you need to know, of course, starting from an early age. Because the taste in it is very good, especially if it feels it for the first time.

The first thing that arises from one’s own mind is definitely dependent on trying many times, because just one trial will not be enough.  But before you clearly know the whole recipe, we recommend that you first understand a naming lineage.  Please follow our full discussion for more details.

The Origin of West Java Fennel Cake Recipe

It is not legal to visit Pekalalongan if you have not tried the flavor of the cake directly, because it is one of the favorite foods for culinary lovers. Even for traditional food connoisseurs, there can be an infestation when visiting the city.  If you haven’t had time to play in Pekalongan City, of course don’t worry.

The origin of the name  of this cake  is not yet clearly known, but it basically has the basic components of anise. The uniqueness of the small food originating from Pekalalongan is easy to achieve when visiting in person, but it is certain that in other cities there are none. To satisfy curiosity, you should try cooking directly.

The invention  of the West Java fennel cake recipe  also came from local residents and was simply named to make it easier to remember.   When you hear about this type of snack for the first time, it’s certain that it’s easy to remember someone for a long time.   Since it has a simple and unique name,pay attention to the presence of typical Pekalongan snacks.

People enjoy traditional snacks in the form of cakes every year, which is when Eid comes. Like the presence of cakes in general, this is ensured during the Eid al-Fitr. What is certain is that the welcome of relatives from outside the city is given only to neighbors.

Of course, many people miss the presence of unique snacks of pecalongan, so they are found only every year. But don’t worry, because we’ll give you a full explanation through the discussion below. Pay attention to the details to understand the ingredients in detail and easily try the recipe directly.

Prepare the Spice Completely in Front

In the recipe of West Java fennel cake,  of course, there are several spices that need to be prepared after that. As with the production of other types of food, of course, this will help facilitate the work of someone who wants to do it. Because you can see it directly by sorting from start to finish.

The main component of the production itself is glutinous rice flour, perhaps the dosage can be adjusted to the number of servings or the least. But we set a fixed measure that is equivalent to one hundred grams.  In addition,  use the same amount of rice flour to create the best texture when finished.

Given that the above kitchen tends to lean towards sweetness, of course, use one hundred grams of fine granulated sugar.  Do not allow it to be less or excessive, so that there is a sense of balance from one component to another.  Granulated sugar is very useful to contribute to the true taste of the characteristic fennel cake.

This traditional snack  has the most unique western Javanese fennel cake recipe because it requires different ingredients from other snacks.   Use vanilla powder only in small doses, about a pinch of your finger. In this way, it aims to ensure that they can better serve the smell  and flavor of the dishes.

Use Banana Leaves to Wrap

Packages of these snacks use fresh banana leaves, the purpose is to preserve the taste. Even the traditional cake can be seen directly from the wrapper, if  it turns out that using banana leaves is absolutely authentic.  Then prepare as much warm water as needed, which certainly plays an important role.

Coconut is also necessary for filling, but   it must be roughly grated  before use. Grated coconuts can make the texture of snacks even more crunchy in touching the mouth, as long as it is enjoyed by food.  Not done, the next component has the necessary salt, but only a quarter of a teaspoon.

After all the recipes for West Java fennel cake have been fulfilled, you, of course, will enter the next stage.   The process of making a traditional snack is quite easy, as long as you understand it until it is completely clear.   When visiting the traditional markets, you will definitely find neatly wrapped fennel food.

Try to reduce your curiosity and follow the next explanation after that.   Because we provided the recipes inn complete ways at once, so you can try them directly from home.   Especially now that all activities are done almost at home,  follow the explanation below to the end.

The Easiest Process to Make Fennel Cakes

Given that the number of enthusiasts is higher, then, of course, such a kitchen can not be made randomly on its own. It requires a special mix as we give directly from the community where it was first triggered. Culinary tourism is growing rapidly and allows people to know how to proceed from scratch.

Once you understand  the recipe for West Java fennel cake, first try mixing the glutinous rice flour from scratch with some other ingredients.  Among other things, sugar for grated coconut, vanilla, mixed until evenly distributed.   The mixing process does not need to take a long time, it is important that it is already mixed.

Then after stirring until smooth, now is the time for us to make a little splash of hot water to retain the moisture. The next step is to use banana leaves to cover the entire part of  the cake until it finally hardens.  Leave it on for about 30 minutes  , and then  turn it on to print the stencil.

Place it in a mold according to the desired size, do not exceed the given time limit.  Don’t forget to give it a base before the snack is placed in a specific container, such as a baking sheet. The last step is to steam it for up to 30 minutes, when cooked, it can be served together and enjoyed.

It  turns out that it is also easy to  make favorite cakes from many people  in Indonesia who have had to try cooking for themselves. Once you understand all the methods, now is the time to practice it so that you can feel it directly without difficulty. Of course,  the  recipe for the western Javanese fennel cake comes from the original inhabitants of Pekalongan.

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