Rongang Bugis must be guarded by the community : CODASHOP
Rongang Bugis must be guarded by the community : CODASHOP

Rongang Bugis must be guarded by the community : CODASHOP

JavaWestern Dance is still a show of modern art

Given the development of the period, thetraditional dance ofWestJava is stillpreserveddespitemodern life. This effort is made deliberately sothat the culturethat was transmitted from time to time will never fade away. The role of culturefor a region or tribe is very important as a form ofidentityin society.

Not onlyis itan art, butdifferenttypesofdanceare often performedat important events. Dance performances alwaysinviteinterestfrom the community torespect the culture of theregion. Starting with government elements, the art workersand the communitycombine with each other to preservethe art.

The art of danceis often used toconvey a story or storyof behaviorthrough movementaccording to rhythm. The sounds of the gamelan music will accompany the dancers performing movementsaimed atthe performing arts. To date, it isstill found in some areaswhere traditional events are held.

However, dance does not always appear in sacred ceremoniesonly becauseit can be usedas folk entertainment. In the development of the modern era, of course, art can beintegratedwell withoutdiluting cultural values. In order for you to become more familiar withart, we want to describe it in fullaccording to its popularity.

Jaypong Mesunda is still popular today

When I see the great development of the world of dance, it becomes clear that there are many aspects that need attention. Different types ofmovementsdancers will providetheir uniqueness when they are in an art show. One of them is a dance-shaped art originatingin West Javacalled Jiypong.

Jiypong originates in a specific area, originatingin the Karwang region withcertain characteristics. In the area, of course, the type of dance was widely knownto the local community asit isa tradition. Starting from just one region, ithas now spread to all inthe WestJava province.

The uniquenessof this art lies in the costumes worn by the dancers while on stage. The accessories on the headare in the form of a bundecorated with flowers and clothes in bright colors. Not to forgetalso the scarf that is wrappedaroundthe dancer’s neck when performinghis art movements.

The image of WestJava dance is also accompanied bymusic witha fast and solid rhythm. Therefore, the dancer’s movementsmustalso be agile in order to follow the rhythm and rhythm of the instrument. There isa separate meaning that must be intentionally conveyed using jipong with the intention that Sundanese womenwill never give up.

In addition to presenting an uncompromising message, it turns out that there isalsoa purpose behind the movementsofJipong dancers. It has to do with the existence of a beautiful body and face, so that it shows a graceful nature. In other words, a woman can certainly be herselfthanks to self-confidence.

Rongang Bugis must be guarded by the community

A discussion on the matter of several dance names, of course, refersto several types at once whenentering the land of Sunda. There aremanytraditional dances in WestJavathat can be knownbypeopleoutsidethe region. Youcan discuss the existence of one of the types from theCirebon region with its characteristics.

This type of art refers to the name ronggeng bugis which literally meansmakasar. The name comes from the existence ofBugis soldiersafter they managed to provide assistance and settle the Sirabun area. Starting fromthis story, there began to be a form of community and a fusion ofculturesbetween the two.

Because ofthe cultural fusion of art, the resultisalso quite unique as a play of traditional value. The peculiarity lies in the side of the dancers, allof whom come from among men with thick makeup. Forimpressive naturalmakeup such a lookis also intended to be an attraction in itself.

In this westernJavanese dance, the dancer’s outfitalso usesa full bright kabaia. The bunis also placed like a woman with about four or more dancers. The main purpose of the stories and stories presented through the movementis to bringa comic sensation.

All the movementsand choreography are performed in an attractive way even though they are dressed in whole kabaya costumes according to the music.  One of the other peculiarities of Rongang Bugis is the freedom of thedancers to createfunny improvisations. Knowing this, then at least you can notice the type of dancewhenin the area.

Tap-Tilo often appears in sacred ceremonies

The discussion continues on a uniquemodelofdance art originating in WestJavaistap tilu. To find out the differences on abasis,this dance modelis often heldatcertain sacred events. Since it isconsidered sacred, spiritual rituals are very identical to presentingdance movementsas performances.

Not manypeopleunderstand the differences in different types of uniqueness in the type of tilo tap.  Usually, the dance modelwill take place when the period of rice harvestingis welcomed by thecommunity. The kingdomand the owners of the rice fields will often holdthese art shows, as well as becomefolk entertainment.

Thetap-tilo dance is accompanied by the main musical instrument in the form of rabab, which is a traditional classical musical instrument. This musical instrumentwas common in the royal period to provide musical accompaniment to the dance. The dancer will follow the movements according to the melody and rhythm of the music so that the results are combined.

Regional dances inWestJavauseunique costumes with a whole cabaya, but tend to be more likely to be in dark colors.  Dancers are performed by women in accordance with the instructions of the creators of such dance artin detail. However, there are pairs of male dancerswhoalso wear headbandsand leather belts.

Whiledirecting, you can enjoy the showwith music from the gamelan throughout the dance. Todate, there arestillmany types of dance that have been found in different venues and performancesaccording to the event. Therefore, it is notsurprising if until the time they imposed it is still safe as a tradition left by their ancestors.

Very flexible recalcitrant masks for telling stories

The attemptto understand about the differentartsowned by an area should be done by the community. All kinds oftraditionsmuststillbepassedon to the next generationso as not todisappear from civilization. Therefore, artmust have an attractionto the needs ofpublic entertainment shows.

The dancefrom WestJavathat will be discussed in detail isthe Cirebon mask that uses characters. Masks have different natural shapesfor each model, so each viewer can get to know the charactersmore easily. In addition , the mask dance has 5 different types and namesfor performances.

The names on the masks includepennant masks, samba, fetya, rumyangand clana with their own figures.  Initially, this dance model was born to street artists and later evolved over time. In fact, there began tobe many peoplewho managed to enjoy the art ofdance despite modern times.

According to the mask of the five Wanda, later dancers will wear different modelsdepending oncertain stories and stories.  Adjustments are needed to make the shape of the character more relevant to thedancer’s story. In addition, the music must also bepresentedaccording to the plot so that the movementsremain in rhythm.

In general, Dance Mask Cirebon carries a message in the form ofall life problemsthat will face human beings. The point isthat each dance model will have its own uniqueness depending on the purpose and wayofperforming the art. In this way,there is nodoubtthatdancing from westernJavawill always bein demand by the public.

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