The most complete DBS information and call center iWesbite official : Kinemaster
The most complete DBS information and call center iWesbite official : Kinemaster

The most complete DBS information and call center iWesbite official : Kinemaster

The most complete DBS information and call center iWesbite official

We understand the importance  of having access to the most complete DBS information and call center that our customers can find.  This is a concern in order to realize our mission of advancing together and maintaining a good relationship with our customers. The convenience of our services and access to customer service information are our top priorities as a form of openness.

Of course, as a bank born and raised in Asia, it already understands the challenges it will face with the market. It is not surprising that it is easier to adapt to various situations and conditions so that you can survive. Because of this, we are always eager to continuously improve our quality and service.

This includes utilizing the website as a center for accurate information and updates to provide services. You can briefly find the various information you need regarding savings or loans. They even offered phone service with CS to make it easier to get information as needed.

DBS Group overview in Indonesia

Discussing the most complete DBS information and call centers is  incomplete if you don’t know the profile. DBS is a very well-known financial services group, especially in the Asian region. Headquartered in Singapore, there are currently more than 18 markets and the development is remarkable.

Dbs was first established in 1968 as a financial institution under the official government of Singapore. Of course, the journey of maturity is not so easy that it can last until now. The experience and changes of the times that we continue to face make DBS more professional and reliable.

Winning many awards from recognized countries in Asia makes DBS more widely known and trusted by customers. The commitment to maintain a good relationship with our customers allows us to continue to make progress full of innovation. Not only that, but also pay attention to socio-economic development to improve the living standards of the people, especially in Asia.

With the development of information technology, continuously develop service quality. We  offer the most complete DBS information and call center for our customers to access on our official website.  The information that is now communicated is more and more open thanks to technology, providing easy service to all our customers from anywhere.

Information you can get from the DBS official website

Finding the most complete DBS information and call center is very easy  at the moment because everything is available on the official website. You can visit the web address find the information you need. If you really don’t have a lot of time, you can refer to the brief description of the features below.

  1. About DBS

It has the ability to view information about DBS at a glance, including the early founding history of DBS. You can also read about the awards and citations you have earned. The first function includes other information such as management as a manager of DBS Bank and commissioner ranking.

  1. Investor Information

Pointing out the importance of the role of the inve stor, we present information about investors on the pages of our website. Financial statements are always updated so that they are publicly visible in various types of monthly reports. Other reports such as corporate governance, annual reports and basic interest rates are also available each year.

  1. Newsroom

The official DBS website has a  newsroom feature that offers the most complete DBS information and call center. You’ll find the latest news and awards and other general information about DBS. Most of the news is available in English, not only in Indonesia, but also because it is an Asian bank.

  1. DBS Foundation

We pay close attention to social influences in order to continue the revolution in socio-economic development, especially in Asia. It is easier to develop entrepreneurship through collaboration with many parties through the DBS Foundation. Not only that, but we have also worked with SMEs in various countries such as Indonesia, China, and Hong Kong to create entrepreneurial development programs.

DBS chooses the type of product offered by Digibank

DBS’s Digibank offers a wide range of products for its clients, including deposits, loans and investments. In the web features, you  can get the most complete DBS information and call center for your product.  Here is a brief description of the product you intended to use to illustrate your Digibank leads.

  1. savings

Nowadays, clients don’t need to open a savings account because they can do it without bothering to open or sign a savings account. With a debit card, you can withdraw cash from any ATM without any administration fees. There are also Maxi savings with very large interest rates, which double the rate of return.

  1. credit card

Digibank also offers credit card products that make it easy to transact from anywhere. The security of credit card transactions is taken care of as a guarantee of fees or tariffs, which are not too expensive. Choose the one that suits your needs to enjoy credit card service and there are installments up to 60 months tenor.

  1. investment

Through Digibank and DBS, we offer a variety of lucrative investment options over a period of time, including:

  1. Deposits at an interest rate of 4.5% per annum.
  2. Interest forex deposits reach 5% per year.
  3. The various bond options start at Rp. 1.000.000 and can be adjusted to fit your pocket.
  4. loan

For the most complete DBS information and call  center,  please contact our services about 24-hour public loans.

  1. KTA online credit is very easy because of the online application, cheap interest and quick liquidation.
  2. Cashline loan products are perfect for planning vacations or instant murder funds.
  3. KTA up to 300 million.
  4. remittance

The Digibank by DBS application makes it easy for customers to feel the money transfer. At any given time, money transfers are becoming easier to send funds for business purposes or intentionally for family members. What’s more, in some countries such as Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States, Canada and many others, shipping is free.

24-hour DBSI customer care service for Indonesian customers

Customer convenience is an important thing that is always considered one of the long-term investments.   Therefore, we are always  open  to all the information and the most complete DBS call center accessible to our customers  . DBSI’s customer care services are available  24 hours a day, every day without  holidays.

  1. First  Method

Especially from outside Indonesia, please call the customer service center on 080 415 00 327 or +6221 298 52 888. Lost cards should be called 1, especially for DBS credit card customers or end-of-#이있는 loan numbers. If there is no information mentioned while Digibank presses 3, press 9.

  1. Second Method

If the customer does not dial the number, they can connect to the customer service representative service to continue. The trick is to press 1 to connect to the customer service that provides your credit card information. Press 2 to talk to a customer service that provides information about DBS’s loan services.

As the leading bank  in Asia, we publicly provide information on our official website for online access. Information about us provides complete and versatile functional and service products for our customers.  Get the  most complete DBS information and call center on the website right away via the web.

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